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School Aims

As our primary aim, St Mary's P.S considers that, as a Catholic School, the entire school community should be fully committed to the general Statement of Aims of Catholic Schools

For the children the school will aim to


1. Provide a broad and balanced curriculum, suitably differentiated to meet the needs of all.

2. Provide opportunities/experiences for the spiritual, cultural, physical, moral and intellectual development of everyone in our care.

3. Form an awareness of their own talents, skills and abilities.

4. Develop a love of learning, a knowledge of how to learn, and the motivation to produce their best work

5. Form an awareness of, and an appreciation for, their environment both local and global through acquiring a knowledge and understanding of the wider world in which we live, of the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations, and a tolerance of other religions and ways of life.

6. Develop an attitude which leads to self-discipline, courtesy, good manners and a respect for everyone

7. Promote a positive Pastoral Care system incorporating fairness, tolerance, compassion and forgiveness - whilst setting appropriate standards of respect for self and others

8. Encourage effective communication between all members of the school community through the promotion of sound, respectful interpersonal relationships which contribute to the Christian ethos of St. Mary's P.S.

9. Develop a lively and enquiring mind, the ability to question and make informed decisions/judgements.

10. Provide opportunities to enhance and enrich their learning experiences across the curriculum, through the use of I.C.T., thus helping to facilitate the positive effect I.C.T. has on the whole process of teaching and learning in St Mary's P.S., and the development of associated skills.


For the staff [teaching/non-teaching] the school will aim to ensure

11. Staff are given every opportunity to continue the process of their own professional development, and receive adequate/appropriate training for the development and delivery of the curricular and administrative needs of the school.


For the parents and extended school community we will aim to establish

12. Harmonious relationships with parents, other local schools/playgroups, parish and community groups, and consequently create an atmosphere in which parents in particular feel they have a meaningful contribution to make towards their child's education.

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