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A New School Year

8 Nov 2019

Primary 7 opened the school year with a special assembly on the 8th November. The Assembly was called:

 ‘Called to be Holy’

Year 7 practised really hard for their assembly and, after 4 days, the Assembly was put on. In the presentation there was miming, bible reading and the song ‘Who do you say that I am’ from ‘Grow in love’.P7 all took part and the school really enjoyed it. Our parents enjoyed it too. After the Assembly the parents had tea and buns in the P.7 classroom.

The theme ‘Called to be Holy’ is a special theme for us this year as we prepare to be confirmed. Our message was that God calls each and every one of us, inviting us to love and serve him and his church just as Jesus asks us to.

Pope Francis also reminded us on the Feast of All Saints this year that the saints were called too and that they were just ordinary human beings who lived holy lives in obedience to God's will. They are now in heaven for eternity. He encourages us to imitate them, their obedience and their holiness everyday of our lives.

Although we feel ordinary and perhaps not very important, we can make a difference to the world around us by doing little acts of kindness- being a friend to someone in need, giving to those less fortunate than ourselves, standing up for the rights of others.

Be ready to listen to the voice of God in your own heart, calling you to lead a life of love. Are you listening?

By Shane Carey 




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