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Christmas Outings for P1

18 Dec 2019

On Thursday the 12th of December Primary one class set off on a short walk down to Fullan’s Food hall to post our Santa letters and meet Santa for a chat.


Santa met us at the door and walked us down to the back of the shop where his special chair and post-box was.  Firstly we had to sing Santa a few songs.  We sang Tapping away and It’s Christmas both of these were from our Christmas show.  Then we sang Jingle Bells to finish with.


Santa explained what he has to do on Christmas eve night and asked us all if we would leave out some treats for Him and the reindeer as well.  Then he said we have to go to bed, say our prayers, take a quick peep out the window to see if we can catch a glimpse of him and his reindeer; and then quickly jump into bed to sleep.


After that we all lined up to post our letters and have a quick chat and a photo with Santa.  When we were finished Santa’s helper handed each of us a bag with lovely goodies inside!


On Monday the 16th of December we headed off down the town again to visit the lovely ladies Joan and Hannah in café 3 Sixteen.  When we arrived it was really cosy and warm in the café and the smell of food made us all hungry.  We chatted for a while with Joan and Hannah and then we sang some songs from our Christmas show.   After that we all got some warm treats, juice and a bun.  That evening Joan and Hannah thought we were the best children so they sent up some selection boxes as a treat.  Thank You very much Café 3 Sixteen for a fantastic morning out!


By Caoimhin McErlean & Eva Rankin P1

      Anna Mitchell & Caitlin Irwin P7




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