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Dairy Council Visit P5

8 Dec 2019

Today the Dairy council visited us and P6. Their names were Luke and Majella. At the start they gave us stickers which said cheese, milk or yoghurt, I got cheese. They told us about how we can stay fit and eat lots of food. They showed us names of the five food categories. They also showed us this song that was a rap. Two teams had a rap-off and tied 2-2. They then showed us a song with the words `Yoghurt Milk and Cheese`. It was like YMCA but without the A. Then they pulled out a balancing scale. We had to see much exercise we need to be equal with how much we eat to be healthy. We need an hour or so exercise every day so they pulled out a big clock to see how much exercise we do every day. It was really fun playing, singing and dancing with them and I hope they come again and hopefully they talk about how they usually exercise and keep fit. I loved when they visited it was really fun. If they do visit again I hope they talk about animals on dairy farms like cows and chickens, it would be really fun learning about them at the Dairy farm.

By Niall Fisher P5



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