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End of Year Show- Troy Story

15 Jun 2022

Every year the P7 pupils put on an end of year show. This year's P7 put on the musical play TROY STORY!!! Although essentially a Greek tragedy, the story was told with lots of comedy. Even the fighting scenes raised a chuckle or two! After the  opening song, we witnessed Mount Olympus in turmoil; Hera, Athene and Aphrodite were arguing over which of them was the most beautiful goddess,much to the annoyance of Zeus and the other Gods and Goddesses. A mortal man, Paris ,Prince of Tory, was summoned  to Olympus  and asked to make the tough decision. Each of the three Goddesses offered Paris a fabulous reward if he chose her as the  fairest but it was Aphrodite's promise to give him the most beautiful mortal woman as his wife which clinched it. Furious at this, Hera and Athene vow to bring destruction on Paris’ home city Troy.

We really enjoyed getting dressed up as our characters and performing for our families and the rest of the school. The performance will be available to view on the school website very soon!


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