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Lights Camel Action

9 Dec 2016

This year ‘Lights, Camel, Action’ was brought to your stage by the Stars of Primary Three and Primary Four.

This show had all the glitz, glamour and funky moves you could wish for. Our Stage directors settled the audience, while the Nazareth towns people got ready to introduce the stars. Our Voiceover boomed his voice all over the studio to introduce not only each fantastic dance act but, the celebrity judges Donkey, Innkeeper’s Wife and that mean old Caesar Augustus.

This show had it all from Line dancing to Ballet, Funky Camels to Disco Stars, Innkeepers who could Tango better that anyone we have ever seen on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and let’s not forget the Hand Jive at the end that got us all dancing!

Well done to all the boys and girls for their hard work. We hope you enjoyed the performance as much as we did.












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