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P5 Trip to Portglenone Forest

16 Oct 2019

On Wednesday 16th October Primary 5 went to Portglenone forest on a trip. We all came into school with old bottoms on and wellies. As we walked there we all had to go through an old road and there were puddles and it was so muddy. When we finally got there we met our tour guide Liz O`Connor. First we ate our snack that we brought with us, I had a packet of high fives. Liz said we had to take our rubbish home. Then we had a walk and then we stopped and huddled around Liz. She told us about the beech tree and the sycamore. The sycamore has pointed leaves and helicopter seeds. And the beech tree has round leaves and spikey nuts. After, Liz told us to find both leaves and nuts. Then we walked more and stopped to talk about Augustine Henry and Charles Darwin. Our next stop was a great big yard and Liz said that we could go on a bug hunt. Me and my friend Orla got a tub and a spoon and we found lots of insects. Then Annie and Aimee came to help. Then we all gathered to see the insects everyone collected. After we learnt all about photosynthesis and did a dance. Then Liz taught us about the roots of the tree. After Liz took us on a trail that badgers walk at night. And after the bug hunt we made an extraordinary centipede. As we walked we found a WW2 base! When we were at the gate we said thank you to Liz. As we headed home, it was still super muddy. It was that muddy Mrs Stevenson said we had to take our shoes off. I had a great day!

                                                   By Eva McCann P5




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