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Problem-solving Week

13 Dec 2019

This year the whole school has decided to set aside a week each month to become ‘Problem Solving Week’. During this time we get to use lots of fun, practical materials to help us with our mental maths and problem solving.

P2 have had so much fun with our Izak 9 resources. Firstly, Mrs McGurk told us to make a 1-9 wall.  The 1 had to be in the top left corner and the 9 had to be in the bottom right. Once we had built the wall we played the ‘Eliminator’ game.  Teacher would ask us a question and we had to remove the answer from the wall e.g. if she asked 5+2, we had to remove 7. We had to keep going until we had only 2 blocks left, then we had to complete a question with these two numbers. Using the blocks was great fun. There were patterns on the sides of the blocks, adding an interesting effect.

We also enjoyed problem solving using our Active Learn resources.  We were able to complete ‘Build a Railway’ and ‘Bus Journey’ on our interactive board and on the computers in KS2. Problem solving week has helped to make our maths work so much fun!



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