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20 Jun 2016

Throughout the school year Primary 6 have been participating in the Shared Education scheme with Portglenone Primary School. The aim was to work with different schools in our community and also to make new friends.

The subjects we were learning together were ICT, PDMU, Literacy where we studied a novel called Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo.

In PDMU we got to do walking debates about religion. We also got to learn more about each other’s religious beliefs. We realised that we have more similarities than differences than we first thought.

I would recommend others to take part in Shared Education as you will make a lot of new friends who aren’t just in your school and you will get to learn about what kind of sports and games they play.

Furthermore we brought in our prized possessions to talk about and share with the other class. We even got to make a power point display on our partner’s hobbies.

Later in the year we travelled to the salmon hatchery in Bushmills with Portglenone Primary School, where we got to feed the alvin together and we learned about the salmon habitat.

By Dearbhail and Shannon




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